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Kaiser Family Fund – evidence for Medicaid expanded benefits saving money and concerns if Congress Republicans cut funding

APHA policy in favor of single payer national health care plan June 2023 issue of The Nation’s Health has article on activities of the States. Available in print now and online May 30, 2023 on line at

AAP policy 2017 FROM THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS| POLICY STATEMENT| FEBRUARY 01 2018 Pediatricians and Public Health: Optimizing the Health and Well-Being of the Nation’s Children Alice A. Kuo, MD; Pauline A. Thomas, MD; Lance A. Chilton, MD; Laurene Mascola, MD; COUNCIL ON COMMUNITY PEDIATRICS; SECTION ON EPIDEMIOLOGY, PUBLIC HEALTH, AND EVIDENCE; Patricia J. Flanagan, MD; Kimberley J. Dilley, MD; James H. Duffee, MD; Andrea E. Green, MD; J. Raul Gutierrez, MD; Virginia A. Keane, MD; Scott D. Krugman, MD; Julie M. Linton, MD; Carla D. McKelvey, MD; Jacqueline L. Nelson, MD; Charles R. Woods, Jr, MD; Ameth A. Aguirre, MD; Mona A. Eissa, MD; Lillianne M. Lewis, MD; Christina A. Nelson, MD; Sheila L. Palevsky, MD; Michael J. Smith, MD
Address correspondence to Alice A. Kuo, MD, PhD, FAAP. E-mail: The authors have indicated they have no potential conflicts of interest to disclose.
FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE: Dr Chilton has indicated he has an advisory board relationship with Sanofi Pasteur. The other authors have indicated they have no financial relationships relevant to this article to disclose. Pediatrics (2018) 141 (2): e20173848. 
Ensuring optimal health for children requires a population-based approach and collaboration between pediatrics and public health. The prevention of major threats to children’s health (such as behavioral health issues) and the control and management of chronic diseases, obesity, injury, communicable diseases, and other problems cannot be managed solely in the pediatric office. The integration of clinical practice with public health actions is necessary for multiple levels of disease prevention that involve the child, family, and community. Although pediatricians and public health professionals interact frequently to the benefit of children and their families, increased integration of the 2 disciplines is critical to improving child health at the individual and population levels. Effective collaboration is necessary to ensure that population health activities include children and that the child health priorities of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), such as poverty and child health, early brain and child development, obesity, and mental health, can engage federal, state, and local public health initiatives. In this policy statement, we build on the 2013 AAP Policy Statement on community pediatrics by identifying specific opportunities for collaboration between pediatricians and public health professionals that are likely to improve the health of children in communities. In the statement, we provide recommendations for pediatricians, public health professionals, and the AAP and its chapters.

AAP ALC in favor of Medicaid available for All up to 26 years old- Resolution #15 2021 Annual Leadership Conference (ALC)- The Medicaid Program for Children and Young Adults Requires Foundational Change: National Standards and Full Federal Funding SPONSORED BY: Section on Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine DATE: April 1, 2021, DISPOSITION: ADOPTED available to AAP members on their website under leadership conference search box looking for past resolutions - “Medicaid 2021” 
26 RESOLVED, that the Academy build on its existing policy and advocacy work to
27 promulgate minimum national standards to ensure that US children and
28 young adults (age 26 years and younger) in need of publicly funded health
29 insurance have equitable access to affordable, timely, quality, and
30 comprehensive health care through Medicaid and related programs, and be
31 it further
33 RESOLVED, that the Academy advocate for foundational changes in federal law that (1)
34 will require all states and territories to adopt these minimum national
35 standards for children and young adults insured by Medicaid and related
36 programs and (2) will provide full federal funding for direct health care and
37 related activities in children and young adults insured by Medicaid.
38, 39 FISCAL NOTE: The Academy can access a robust bench of resources through its staff,
40 committees, councils, sections, and information systems. Building on
41 existing policy and advocacy, these resources can author a thoughtful
42 proposal that both can describe a minimum of set of standards for Medicaid
43 eligibility, benefits, provider payment, networks, and reporting 44 requirements and can anticipate essential structural and administrative 45 reforms. External consultation will be necessary to define the net change in  
46 federal expense over time in consideration of expected increased immediate
47 outlays, anticipated programmatic savings, and long-term returns on
48 investment.  
Once submitted, resolutions are property of the Leadership Conference and subject to change
LEAD AUTHOR: Mark Hudak, MD, FAAP University of Florida Jacksonville 
Nuanced take on 2021 Resolution #15 - FROM THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS| POLICY STATEMENT| JANUARY 23, 2023, The Unique Value Proposition of Pediatric Health Care James M. Perrin, MD, FAAP; Patricia Flanagan, MD, FAAP; Julie Katkin, MD, FAAP; Greg Barabell, MD, FAAP; Jonathan Price, MD, FAAP; Committee on Child Health Financing Pediatrics (2023) 151 (2): e2022060681. public access – still promoting health for all children but allowing for a mixed and variable way by states meeting uniform federal minimal standards.
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